EPILOGOS – Vancouver International Dance Festival, March 2019 

The title, Epilogos, references the end of a speech where the speaker attempts to gain an emotional response from the audience. In researching the title, RSA sees the connection of being an artist and that our goal is to create a response from the audience. Epilogos looks to discover a unique dance theatre performance around the art of rhetoric and the mediatization and manipulation of value systems. Epilogos references these concepts and builds its performance through the 5 canons of rhetoric (the art of persuasion) and the 7 values of Bushido – the way of the samurai. By framing the work around rhetoric and the 7 tenets of Bushido, the piece looks to talk about how our belief in a value system can alter our perception, that any value can lose its benefit when pushed to an extreme, that values can be used as a tools for control and persuasion, that systems only have as much power as the people who support them, and that as both a group and an individual entity we are both powerful and vulnerable.